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Fields & Ivy produces a wide selection of flagship and seasonal craft beer options
Breezedale Hazy IPA

Breezedale Hazy IPA

Finest New England IPA this side of Massachusetts

Hazy IPAs are known for their juicy tropical flavors and low bitterness.

Flavor Profile: Mango, grapefruit, and pineapple with a clean malt finish

Food Pairing: Pasta dishes, grilled meats and vegetables, seafood

ABV: 5.9%     IBU: 45

Special Ingredients: Dry-hopped with Citra and El Dorado  

Availability: Always

Kaw River Roller Double IPA

Kaw River Roller Double IPA

The River Life Chose You!!

This tasty West Coast-style Double IPA brings flavors of lemon and orange zest, pine, and spice.

Flavor Profile: Lemon, orange zest, pine, spice, bracing bitterness

Food Pairing: Grilled veggies and burgers

ABV: 8.6%     IBU: 75

Special Ingredients: American “C” hops, dry hopped aggressively

Availability: Always

Skeleton Theory DDH Hazy Double IPA

Skeleton Theory Hazy Double IPA

DDH Hazy Double IPA

The Skeleton Theory IPA series is based on an isomorphic grain bill designed as a double IPA with ample haze elements and 2-row barley base malt. That’s the skeleton. We brew each beer in our Skeleton Theory series by double dry-hopping with a unique, modern or experimental hop, or combination of hops, to deliver a heavy dose of the aromatic compounds that these hops are known for.

Flavor Profile: Juicy tropical fruit, restrained bitterness, smooth mouthfeel

Food Pairing: Pizza, charcuterie

ABV: 7.8%     IBU: 45

Special Ingredient: Modern, experimental, and blended hops

Availability: Always

Summer Pasture American Wheat

Summer Pasture American Wheat

Extraordinary Wheat Makes Extraordinary Beer

A one-of-a-kind wheat beer, brewed with soft red winter wheat malt (from Kansas!), locally sourced honey, orange peel, and barley malt.

Flavor Profile: Crisp and refreshing, lightly sweet with a hint of citrus

Food Pairing: Buffalo wings, bratwurst, and pizza

ABV: 5.5%     IBU: 16

Special Ingredients: Kansas soft red winter wheat, local honey, bitter orange peel, Cascade hops

Availability: Always

Worboys American Lager

Worboys American Lager

The Best of Both Worlds

An American Lager made with European barley malt and hops, and Silvermine heirloom corn. Silvermine – a popular white dent corn – was developed in the 1880s, and refined by Mr. Ernest W. Young of Lawrence, Kansas in 1907. Our brewery is custom engineered to facilitate brewing with dent corn.

Flavor Profile: Crisp, effervescent, pleasantly malty and mildly bitter

Food Pairing: Spicy foods, hamburgers, and salads

ABV: 4.6%     IBU: 16

Special Ingredients: Heirloom Silvermine corn, European malt and hops

Availability: Always

Summer Sundown Raspberry Rosé

Summer Sundown

Raspberry Rosé

A raspberry and wine infused wheat beer, bursting with berry flavor and tartness.

Flavor Profile: Tart fruit, refreshing.

Food Pairing: Fresh greens, salmon, mild cheeses

ABV: 5.3%     IBU: 15

Special Ingredients: Raspberries, wine grape juice

Availability: Always

Wheat Heavy Scotch Ale

Wheat Heavy

Wee Heavy / Scotch Ale

Wheat Heavy is Fields & Ivy Brewery’s version of a classic Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, brewed with a generous quantity of Kansas wheat malt.

Flavor Profile: A food and palate friendly ale with flavors of dried fruit, caramel and undertones of oak-smoked malt.

Food Pairing: BBQ, mushroom risotto

ABV: 5.8%     IBU: 25

Special Ingredients: Kansas wheat, smoked malt

Availability: Always

Cerveza! Lager with Salt & Lime

Cerveza! Lager with Salt & Lime

 Someone Should Write a Song About This…

A traditionally crafted premium lager: brewed with lime juice, Maldon small-batch sea salt, and Silvermine heirloom corn. A perfect, premium party beer for warm weather, patios, pools and BBQs.

Flavor Profile: Light-bodied with a refreshing citrus zing and well-balanced minerality

Food Pairing: Grilled and chilled summer fare

ABV: 4.5%     IBU: 15

Special Ingredients: Lime juice, sea salt, heirloom corn

Availability: Seasonally, in time for Cinco de Mayo

Lemon Hello Berliner Weisse

Lemon Hello Berliner Weisse

Say Hello to Your New Favorite Summer Beer

A combination of two classic summer flavors: wheat beer & lemonade. LemonHELLO is effervescent and tart, with zingy citrus flavors and a graham crackery follow-through.

Flavor Profile: Tart, lemon peel, graham cracker malt

Food Pairing: Grilled fish, salad greens, berries

ABV: 4.5%     IBU: 15

Special Ingredients: Lemon peel, lemon juice

Availability: Summer

Imperial Pilsner

Imperial Pilsner

East Meets West in a Big Way

Brewed with Thai Jasmine Rice, classic pilsner malt, Saaz noble hops, dry-hopped with German Mandarina Bavaria

Flavor Profile: Mandarin orange, clementine, and citrus peel. Jasmine rice helps this big beer deliver a crispy-bitter and squeaky-clean Pilsner finish.

Food Pairing: Sushi

ABV: 7.6%     IBU: 40

Special Ingredients: Pilsner malt, Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria hops

Availability: Seasonally, Late Summer/Fall

'55 Step Side Hop Harvest Ale

'55 Step Side Hop Harvest Ale

New Traditions, Classic Style

A salute to historical farmers, and modern ones, like the Kansas Hop Company, who are bringing commercial hops cultivation back to the American Midwest. Brewed once a year, on the day of harvest, with ultra-fresh and locally-grown hops, then dry-hopped with Kansas grown Cascade.

Flavor Profile: IPA-level hoppiness, fresh mown hay, subdued maltiness

Food Pairing: Burgers, grilled cheese

ABV: 7.1%     IBU: 46

Special Ingredients: Fresh, whole-cone hops, grown right here in Kansas

Availability: Seasonally, at Hop Harvest

Oktoberfest Märzen

Oktoberfest Märzen

Worth the Extra Effort, Worth the Wait

Märzen is a well-balanced, malt-forward lager, brewed in spring and carefully aged and mellowed until fall.

Flavor Profile: Malty flavors, toast, caramel, well-balanced

Food Pairing: Grilled bratwurst, cheese, and Brussels sprouts

ABV: 5.7%     IBU: 41

Special Ingredients: Nobel hops, kilned malt, extra time in lager

Availability: Seasonally, in time for Oktoberfest

Prairie Star Porter

Prairie Star Porter

Sublimely Smooth

Worldly beer writer Terry Foster describes our Porter as, "a densely-woven tapestry of flavors, surprising and pleasing at every turn." Porter was insanely popular in Britain from the mid-1700s until the mid-1800s, and powered English brewing through the Industrial Revolution. Ours is dark brown with ruby highlights, smooth and well-balanced.

Flavor Profile: Smooth, chocolate, toffee, and coffee, well-balanced

Food Pairing: Barbeque, lobster, and crab meat

ABV: 6%     IBU: 33

Special Ingredients: Midnight Wheat Malt

Availability: Seasonally, Fall/Winter

Kansas Lager

Kansas Lager

Made with 100% Kansas Barley

Fields & Ivy Brewery sources winter two-row barley from Franklin County, Kansas. It's harvested in June then transported out of state for malting. We brew 40 barrels of Kansas Lager each winter, and the beer is mellowed and matured into a one-of-a-kind Vienna style lager.

Flavor Profile: Mellow and sweet graininess, hints of biscuit and toast, balanced hop aroma and bitterness

Food Pairing: Spicy food

ABV: 5.7%     IBU: 25

Special Ingredients: Kansas winter barley

Availability: Seasonally, Late winter

Root Cellar Project

Root Cellar Project - Saison NAPA

A Co-Fermentation of Saison Ale and Merlot Grape Juice Aged in French Oak Cognac Barrels

Saison Napa combines the spiciness of a traditional Saison ale with black cherry, plum, and vanilla from California Merlot grapes aged in French oak. The unexpected result is very much like sangria with an ultra-dry finish. At 11.5 ABV, this beer can really sneak up on you!

Flavor Profile: ???

Food Pairing: Beef, blue cheeses, mushrooms, roast chicken

ABV: 11.5%     IBU: 10

Special Ingredients: Napa Merlot, French Oak, heirloom Bloody Butcher red dent corn

Availability: Varies

Tropical Soup Imperial Stout

Tropical Soup

Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout with Amburana, Vanilla, and Cocoa

Tropical Soup is a bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout loaded with flavors derived from tropical flora. We started with Amburana wood staves that deliver wonderful spice notes of cinnamon, gingerbread, and vanilla. We amped up the vanilla with vanilla bean paste, then topped it off with a generous amount of cocoa nibs.

Flavor Profile: Warm, boozy, spicy and smooth flavors; a perfect sipper for the holiday season.

Food Pairing: Heavy dishes, BBQ, brownies, vanilla ice cream

ABV: 10.4%     IBU: 38

Special Ingredients: Amburana staves, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, barrel aged

Availability: Black Friday

Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Petit Quad

Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Petite Quad

We age our Belgian Petite Quad in high-end bourbon barrels on a heap of black currant fruit.

Flavor Profile: The beer developed well with layers of spice, dark-fruit and barrel flavor. Tart, wine-like character with spice, fig, raison, black currant. Pleasant tannic finish.

Food Pairing: Charcuterie, mussels

ABV: 10.5%     IBU: 22

Special Ingredients: Black currants, barrel aged

Availability: Varies

Tsar Napoléon Russian Imperial Stout

Tsar Napoléon Russian Imperial Stout

R.I.S. Aged in French Cognac Barrels with Madagascar Vanilla

Fields & Ivy Brewery ages Tsar Napoléon, a big Russian Imperial Stout, in used French Cognac barrels, adds a heap of vanilla pods until the residual boozy, oaky goodness therein infuses Tsar with rich tannins and super smooth vanilla high notes.

Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate, vanilla, boozy and thick

Food Pairing: Best combined with rich desserts

ABV: 10.9%     IBU: 48

Special Ingredients: Vanilla bean, French Cognac barrels

Availability: Varies

Fence Bender Triple IPA

Fence Bender

West Coast Style Triple IPA
with Azacca and El Dorado Hops

A hard-hitting west coast style IPA. All the booze and bitterness that we love from this classic style, with a modern hop citrusy punch. The perfect beer to share with friends while you relax and reminisce (or, try to forget) about the day.

Flavor Profile: Grapefruit, lemon peel, pine aroma and flavor, with clean bitterness and a big smooth boozy finish

Food Pairing: Beer pretzels, nachos

ABV: 11%     IBU: 75

Special Ingredients: Azacca and El Dorado hops

Availability: Varies

$poiled Rich S.O.B.$ Imperial Stout

$poiled Rich S.O.B.$

Imperial Breakfast Stout
with Coffee and Chocolate

Decadence in a bottle. Big Imperial Breakfast Stout aged in J. Rieger & Co. Kansas City Whiskey barrels is a crazy-rich boozy treat for starters, then we aged it some more on cocoa nibs and coffee. Made to satisfy the utmost discerning tastes of beer snobs, like us.

Flavor Profile: Chocolate, coffee notes, vanilla, thick and boozy

Food Pairing: Great with equally rich desserts

ABV: 10%     IBU: 35

Special Ingredients: J. Rieger & Co Whiskey barrels, cocoa nibs, coffee beans

Availability: Varies

Pub Ale - Draft Only

Pub Ale

English Mild Ale on Nitro

A flavorful and refreshing session ale. Subtle malt and hop flavors enhance the drinkability of this old school English ale. Traditionally served uncarbonated, we serve our pub ale on nitrogen to add a smooth roundness to the flavor profile.

Flavor Profile: Smooth, lightly malty with a noble and light floral bitterness

Food Pairing: Wings, burgers, fish & chips

ABV: 4.7%     IBU: 18

Special Ingredients: Kansas two-row barley, East Kent Goldings hops from the U.K.

Availability: Always

Hard Seltzer - Draft Only

Hard Seltzer

Alcoholic Fizzy Water

Always on tap at Fields & Ivy Brewery, with a variety of rotating delicious flavors. Only 110 calories, 3.9g carbs, gluten-free, with all-natural flavors. Brewed with native, mineral-rich water and double-filtered for purity. A refreshing, alternative adult beverage.

Flavor Profile: Deliciously fruit flavored with a satisfying minerality

Food Pairing: Salads and veggies, hummus

ABV: 5.0%

Special Ingredients: All-natural fruit flavors

Availability: Always

A Glorious Twelfth - Draft Only

A Glorious Twelfth

English Nitro Stout

Brewed to be enjoyed with friends after a day spent out-of-doors. Easy drinking and flavorful. It’s not a heavy beer, despite being inky dark with roasted malt. Perfectly balanced English hops make each sip a glorious delight.

Flavor Profile: Smooth, roasted barley flavor, caramel, and sweet with a clean finish

Food Pairing: Wings, burgers, fish & chips

ABV: 5.0%     IBU: 31

Special Ingredients: Roasted barley malt, English hops

Availability: Always

We also Have a Full Bar

In case you’re in the mood for something other than great craft beer, we can also offer something from the wine list, top-shelf spirits, a classic cocktail, one of our signature beer cocktails, as well as several non-alcoholic options to choose from. At Fields & Ivy, we have something great for everyone in your party.

Red Wine

Red Wines

Whether you prefer Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Merlot, we’ve got a Red that will pair beautifully with your meal.

White Wine

White Wines

From Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio to Cava, we’ve got a White that will pair beautifully with your meal.



Brands Include: New Amsterdam Gin, Cruzan White Rum, Jim Beam Bourbon, Segram’s 7, Cutty Sark Scotch, Jameson Whiskey, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Tito’s Vodka, Bombay Gin, Bacardi Rum, La Gritona Tequila, Grey Goose Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin, Balvanie Scotch, Basil Hayden Bourbon, Willet Rye Whiskey, J. Rieger Whiskey, Boothill Bourbon, J. Rieger Vodka, Builders Gin


Classic Cocktails

We’ve got several classic cocktails on the menu to choose from. From Margaritas to the classic Old Fashioned, we’ve got you covered.

Craft Beer Cocktails

Craft Beer Cocktails

Our mixologists behind the bar are always crafting something new and tasty using our craft beer as inspiration.  Come see!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Want something non-alcoholic?
Great! We’ve got delicious NA mocktails, Coke products, and more, to choose from.