Fields & Ivy Brewery ~ Tap List, early 2019

Summer Pasture™
Style: American Wheat

5.1% ABV
Hop aroma: mellow
Hop flavor: balanced
Food pairing: spicy, citrus, grilled chicken, grilled fish

Our, one of a kind, wheat beer is made with genuine Kansas grown soft red winter wheat malt, pale malt, bitter orange peel and locally sourced honey.  Brilliantly clean flavors with a stark white pillow of foam combine with floral Cascade hops and a kiss of citrus.  Made for those hot Kansas summer days and nights.

Fence Bender™
Style: New England IPA

6.8% ABV
Hop aroma: Wow!
Hop flavor: mellow
Food pairing: grilled anything, fresh herbs, citrus

Break out the steel drums; an IPA for the juice lovers out there.  Fruity: citrus, peach, apricot, passion fruit, grapefruit, lime, melon, gooseberry, pineapple, mango, papaya, melon, lychee and other tropical fruit.  We balance our tropical fruitiness with low residual sugars, hazy goodness and a palate friendly medium-high gravity.  A truckload of hops including (but not limited to): Citra, Galaxy, Amarillo Gold and Mosaic.  Alternative pairing: flip flops.

Style: American Lager

5.9 ABV
Hop aroma: mellow
Hop flavor: balanced
Food pairing: pizza, burgers, grilled veggies

Lager great grandpa style.  Czech Republic 1295, brewing commences, 1842, brewing genius evolves the Pilsner style beer.  Fields & Ivy’s is made with Continental malt, Continental hops and genuine Silvermine heirloom corn.  Silvermine, a white dent corn, was developed in the 1880s and refined by Mr. Ernest W. Young of Lawrence, Kansas in 1907.  Our lager is crisp, clear, effervescent and pushing the style envelope on ABV, hoppiness and corniness.  Alternative pairing: baseball.

Crazy DG™
Style: West Coast IPA

7.0% ABV
Hop aroma: Wow!
Hop flavor: Wow!
Food pairings: grilled meat, roast chicken, pizza, crusty breads

Generous quantities of pale and crystal malts create a dark amber ale with a legitimate helping of ABV and creamy foam lacing.  Straight up American aroma hops such as Centennial, Cascade and Simcoe added late in the whirlpool and heavily in the finishing tank showcase what West Coast IPA is all about.  Booming maltiness and an overload of fresh hops.  Also pairs well with awesomeness, dude.

Prairie Star™
Style: Robust Porter

5.1% ABV
Hop aroma: mellow
Hop flavor: balanced
Food pairings: short ribs, stronger herbs, oysters, stew, cheese, chocolate

Worldly beer writer, Terry Foster, sublimely describes Porter as, “a densely-woven tapestry of flavors, surprising and pleasing at every turn.”  Porter was insanely popular in Brittan from the mid-1700s until the mid-1800s and powered English brewing through the Industrial Revolution.  Dark brown with ruby highlights, flavors of dark chocolate and coffee though surprisingly well balanced and smooth.

Skeleton Theory™
Style: IPA

6 to 9% ABV
Hop aroma: Wow
Hop flavor: Wow
Food pairings: grilled meat and veggies, pizza, burgers

Skeleton Theory is our experimental, hop forward, India Pale Ale series.  Each volume in the series is designed around a specific hop variety.  Grain bills and bittering hops may change slightly as we tease out the unique flavors of a specific hop.  From crowd favorites to experimental trials we’re going to get our hands on yummy & innovative hop varieties and let you be the judge.

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