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Oktoberfest – Märzen – 5.7% ABV – 24 IBU 

Oktoberfest was first celebrated in 1810 as a multi-day celebration to honor the marriage of Bavarian Prince Ludwig to Princess Theresa.  As is typical when beer is involved, the event has grown a little bit out of control and is now an annual 16-day celebration centered in Munich, Germany.  Märzen is a well-balanced, malt forward lager, brewed in spring and carefully aged and mellowed until fall. It’s worth the extra effort and worth the wait! 

5oz. - $2 / 10oz. - $4 / 16oz. - $5 / 64oz. Growler - $15 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $11

Summer Sundown – Raspberry Rosé – 5.3% ABV – 15 IBU 

This refreshing raspberry and wine infused beer is pink in color, bursting with big berry flavor and tartness. Perfect pairing with one of our fresh local produce salads.  

5oz. - $2 / 10oz. - $4 / 16oz. - $5 / 64oz. Growler - $15 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $11 

Summer Pasture – American Wheat – 5.5% ABV – 16 IBU

Our one of a kind wheat beer is made with genuine Kansas grown soft red winter wheat malt, pale barley malt, bitter orange peel and locally sourced honey.  Brilliantly clean flavors and a stark white pillow of foam combine with floral Cascade hops and a kiss of citrus. Made for those hot Kansas summer days and nights. 

5oz. - $2 / 10oz. - $4 / 16oz. - $5 / 64oz. Growler - $15 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $11

Kaw River Roller – Double IPA – 8.6% ABV – 75 IBU 

Kaw River Roller is a tasty, west coast style Double IPA. A hefty grain bill and copious bittering and aroma hops bring this beer to a substantial 8.6% ABV and 75 IBU. We dry hop our Double IPA at over a pound and a half per barrel using traditional American hops to bring flavors of lemon and orange zest, pine and spice.  A smooth, golden malt backbone carries you on down the river. 

5oz. - $4 / 10oz. - $6 / 16oz. - $7 / 64oz. Growler - $18 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $14

Worboys – American Lager – 4.5% ABV – 16 IBU 

In 1295 AD in the Czech Republic brewing commenced, and in 1842 brewing genius evolved the Pilsner style beer, changing the world. As European emigrants began brewing in the United States, they brought techniques that birthed the American Lager style. Fields & Ivy’s lager is made with European barley malt, European hops and Silvermine heirloom corn.  Silvermine–a white dent corn–was developed in the 1880s and refined by Mr. Ernest W. Young of Lawrence, Kansas in 1907. Our lager is crisp, clear, and effervescent. It’s American Lager done great grandpa style.  

5oz. - $2 / 10oz. - $4 / 16oz. - $5 / 64oz. Growler - $15 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $11

Sale Barn – Saison – 7.3% ABV – 32 IBU 

A seasonal summer style produced in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium.  Originally brewed at the end of the cool season to last through the warmer months before refrigeration was common, Saison had to be sturdy enough to last for months but not so strong as to thirst quenching and refreshing in the summer.  It is now brewed year-round in small, artisanal breweries whose buildings reflect their origins as farmhouses. Spicy and loaded with yeast derived complexity, we brewed ours with Bloody Butcher heirloom corn to add a locally grown twist.

5oz. - $3 / 10oz. - $5 / 16oz. - $6 / 64oz. Growler - $16 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $12

Prairie Star – Robust Porter – 6.0% ABV – 33 IBU 

Worldly beer writer Terry Foster sublimely describes Porter as “a densely-woven tapestry of flavors, surprising and pleasing at every turn.” Porter was insanely popular in Britain from the mid-1700s until the mid-1800s and powered English brewing through the Industrial Revolution. The style has changed over time, with American Brewers strengthening and adding more roasted malts to increase the depth of flavor. Prairie Star is deep, dark brown with ruby highlights, with smooth and well-balanced flavors of dark chocolate and coffee.

5oz. - $2 / 10oz. - $4 / 16oz. - $5 / 64oz. Growler - $15 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $11

Broken Soil – American Strong Ale – 8.4% ABV – 70 IBU 

Generous quantities of pale and roasted malts create a dark amber ale with a legitimate helping of ABV and creamy foam lacing.  Straight up American aroma hops added late in the whirlpool and heavily in the finishing tank showcase what West Coast IPA is all about.  Booming maltiness and an overload of fresh hops.  

5oz. - $4 / 10oz. - $6 / 64oz. Growler - $18 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $14

Breezedale – Hazy IPA – 5.9% ABV – 45 IBU

Break out the steel drums; an IPA for the juice lovers out there.  Fruity flavors of: peach, grapefruit, pineapple, mango and other tropical fruit.  We balance the tropical fruitiness with low residual sugars, hazy goodness and a palate friendly medium-high gravity.  A truckload of hops including (but not limited to): Vic Secret and El Dorado.

5oz. - $3 / 10oz. - $5 / 16oz. - $6 / 64oz. Growler - $16 / 64oz. Growler Refill- $12 

Double Wire – Belgian Dubbel – 6.9% ABV – 28 IBU 

The Belgian brewing tradition extends back roughly 500 years.  The monks that dominated the scene over most of those years certainly figured out how to make a good beer.  Made in the “Trappist” style, Fields & Ivy uses 2-row and roasted malts, malted and raw wheat, plus dark date syrup.  Notes of honey, raisins, chocolate and caramel with a clove-spicy finish make this beer stand out from the crowd. Plenty of ABV to provide a subtle heat.

5oz. - $4 / 10oz. - $6 / 64oz. Growler - $16 / 64oz. Growler Refill- $12 

Schmoo Whale – Imperial Stout – 10.3% ABV – 60 IBU 

Big and heavy imperial stout with roasted malt, dark chocolate, and booze with a lingering sweet finish. Stay tuned for Schmoo Whale the Heavy, the barrel aged brother of Schmoo Whale. COMING SOON!

5oz. - $4 / 10oz. - $8 / 64oz. Growler - $22 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $18

Plainly Oblivious – Blackberry White Stout – 7.1% ABV – 30 IBU 

From time to time, everyone needs to admit they don’t have all the answers.  Issues resist being defined in terms that are plainly black and white. We’re not exactly sure what a white stout is, but we love it.  It’s got big smooth flavors of coffee, chocolate and ripe fruit. We’re not sure if we should drink it for breakfast or after dinner dessert?  Or, both?  

5oz. - $3 / 10oz. - $5 / 16oz. - $6 / 64oz. Growler - $16 / 64oz. Growler Refill - $12

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