Fields & Ivy Brewery Supports Local Agriculture

At Fields & Ivy Brewery we believe in supporting local agriculture. Fields & Ivy Brewery buys produce, baked goods and grain from numerous farmers and producers operating within 50 miles of our location in Lawrence, KS. We believe growing and buying from small, independent and local producers leads to better tasting, healthier products for our customers. We believe in strictly limited use of chemicals and food processing. Sure, shelf lives may be shorter, but we’ll gladly sacrifice shelf life for reducing the amount of chemicals in our products.

Plus, we love meeting and talking to the folks who grow our food! We live for that moment when our local farmer walks into our kitchen with a box of her own produce, she talks to our chef with a smile and a handshake. We can talk about what works and what needs work, right there with the grower. Having that connection is what it’s all about. 

Fields & Ivy Brewery purchases kitchen and brewery ingredients from the following small, local and regional producers:

Great Plains Custom Grain
Wakarusa Valley Farm
Yoli Tortilleria
Crum’s Heirlooms
Maseualkwalli Farms
Hudson Cream Flour Mill
Farm to Market Bakery
The Date Lady
Little Greens on the Prairie
Kansas Hop Company


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